30 September 2014

Hej då Göteborg!

So Tuesday was our last day in Göteborg *sad face*. So after we checked out of the hostel, we made one last walk around the city to go to some place we hadn't seen yet.

Our first stop was Skansen Kronan, which is a little fortress on a hill. We didn't actually go in there, but we did enjoy the view over the city you had from there.

On our third (or fourth?) walk through the Haga Nygatan, the Kawaii shop was finally open so we just had to go inside!

Next stop was Göteborgs Konstmuseet. Good thing about this museum: it's free for people under 25. Bad thing about this museum: you can't take a handbag unless it's smaller than an A4 piece of paper. Anyway, so since I had to leave my tote bag in a locker, I didn't have my iPod with me to take pictures, so I can't really show you what it looked like from the inside, but they sure had a lot of very nice stuff. I especially liked this painting by P.S. Krøyer (the Danish painter I wrote about a few months ago).

After the museum, it was time already to head back to the hostel to pick up our luggage and then take the flygbuss to the airport.

I still can't get over how beautiful everything looks from a plane window. (By the way, I actually didn't notice the rainbow on this picture until I was looking at the pictures. We were flying over the rainbow!) Anyway, I think these trips to Sweden are always over too soon, so I'm hoping I can go back some time soon. If you enjoyed my this travel diary (read the previous posts here), stay tuned because tomorrow I'm going to post a video! :)

Pictures 1, 2, 4, 5, 9 by Bert.

27 September 2014

Rainy days in Gothenburg

Gothenburg, part five! On Monday, we didn't exactly know what to do, but we decided to go to the Majorna district, because we had heard it was nice, but when we got there it turned out it wasn't actually that interesting (unless we missed something - in that case: please let me know what's so nice about Majorna!) We walked around Karl Johans Kyrka, which looked nice, and then we went into this store called Ebbes Second Hand and I checked out the book section, but I didn't buy anything because I had already bought so many books the day before.

After that, we walked to a square called Stigbergstorget and we checked out this record store called BenGans, which might look familiar to you if you've seen Känn Ingen Sorg, a movie about a Swedish singer called Håkan Hellström (I also wrote a blogpost about it, here). Funny thing: I actually bought a Håkan Hellström cd there! :)

Then it started raining, and we decided to have our lunch at the hostel. Afterwards, Ken took a nap and Bert and I played a card game called spit (in Dutch it's called zenuwen, which means nerves) and we just sat inside having a nice time while it kept raining outside. For the first time that week, I really felt like having a cup of coffee, and I searched the entire kitchen for coffee but without any luck.

Around six in the evening we thought it was time to get out of the hostel and have some dinner, and we found this nice Mexican place called Tomtoms Burritos. I really liked the interior, and the food was really good (and at a good price too!) And then it was time to head back to the hostel and pack, because we would leave the next day.

Pictures 1 and 4 by Bert.

23 September 2014

Sunday strolling

Part four of the Gothenburg story! We woke up pretty early on Sunday to continue the shopping trip we started the day before. For someone who's living in a country where nearly every store is closed on Sunday, it's such a nice thing to go on a shopping trip that day! According to the weather app it was going to rain so I left my beloved Birkenstocks at home and wore my white Converse instead.

I don't know if you've seen them before, but these are the blue trams of Gothenburg. I like trams so much more than the metro, because at least when you're in a tram you can do some sightseeing. Still, we decided not to take the tram because it was a nice morning for a walk, and what's the point of doing a city trip when you don't want to walk a little bit? :)

Just on our way to the shopping district.

So I didn't exactly snap a lot of pictures when we were shopping, but if you'd like to know what I got, go check out my haul video!

When we were done shopping, we went to the Röhsska Museum. They had an exhibition about Picasso's ceramics (did you know Picasso made ceramics, 'cause I didn't!) and one about the history of design, which was pretty nice to see. I always think it's nice to go back in time just a little bit. They had a lot of furniture, but other things as well (they even had an iPhone there, which I thought was pretty weird). Oh and the best thing about this museum? It's free for people under 25!

Just chilling at the silver exhibition.

When we were done at the museum, the rain had finally kicked in, so we decided to look for a nice café to sit and maybe play a little Boggle. We ended up at this cosy café in the Vasagatan, which was called Frank's coffee. I got a chai latte, and it was really nice to sit there while it was raining outside.

Making myself feel at home.

Afterwards, we decided to have dinner at this Korean restaurant called Yammy Kitchen in the Andra Långgatan, which was just the best! I had the noodles with grilled vegetables, once again, and they tasted really good. For desert, we all shared some banana yaki (deep fried banana with syrup and sesame seeds) and tempura ice-cream (deep fried ice-cream), which was delicious! And the staff was really nice too.

Stay tuned for part five, which will be here soon! :)

Pictures 1-5, 8 by Bert.

19 September 2014

VIDEO: Books and clothes I got in Göteborg!

Click here if you can't see the video.

Time for another Gothenburg post! So after we went to the botanic garden on Saturday, we did some shopping as well, and since the stores closed pretty early (or at least: at the same early hour as in Belgium), we continued our shopping trip on Sunday. I was pretty surprised when I was going to film this video and realised I had only bought three clothing items. On the other hand, I did get a lot of new books, so I included them in the video as well. Have a nice day everyone!

17 September 2014


On Saturday, we decided to visit the botanic garden, which is located at Carl Skottsbergs Gata. It was so big that we didn't get to see the entire garden, but we did see the greenhouses, where all the tropical plants were. I really like tropical plants, and so do Bert and Ken, so we did enjoy ourselves.

At the greenhouse, there were a couple of different rooms, all with a different temperature and level of humidity, because the plants there naturally grow in different parts of the world, so they're used to different climates. The first room we came into was the tropical house. It was quite warm and humid in there, and every now and then we felt a mist of raindrops falling on our skin. I saw a gigantic banana plant, and I thought it was funny because we have a small one at home.

At the orchid house

One of the orchid houses was filled with carnivorous plants. I always think they're kind of scary, although I'm not sure why. Maybe it's because I think they could suddenly move (which the probably do when an insect crawls into them), and in my mind plants are not supposed to move.

The cactus house! I think this might be my favourite house because I just think all the cacti and succulents look so beautiful together. I love all the different textures, shapes and shades of green.

You can find more information about the botanic garden and the greenhouses here.

Pictures 2, 5, 8, 9, 11 by Bert.